Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Almi a Refugee

Tiiu Kleyn is pleased to announce the release of her new book,
Almi, A Refugee
In this astonishing memoir of her mother's life, Tiiu Priilaid-Kleyn conveys a gripping eyewitness account of the struggle for safety and the essence of scraping by during World War II.
Almi, a Refugee recaps the incredible narrative of hardships, courage and fortitude that will inspire and bring a sense of hope for readers around the world.

Publisher’s website: http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/AlmiARefugee.html ISBN: 978-1-60860-568-2
Website: www.eloquentbooks.com/AlmiARefugee.html
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Ellen Green — PressManager@aegpublishinggroup.com
About the author
Tiiu Kleyn was five when her parents fled Estonia to Sweden, escaping the incoming Communists. Four years later they travelled on and eventually ended in Cape Town, South Africa with all the family’s belongings packed in a small wooden box.
Tiiu’s mother, Almi, originally wrote her story in Estonian and Tiiu translated it into English resulting in Almi A Refugee.

Being a refugee once is more than most people can consider but Almi and her family did it twice and if things hadn’t worked out it could have happened again. There are so many refugees world-wide and increasing daily. This book could perhaps be an inspiration and encouragement to those who find themselves in a refugee status. It could also perhaps inspire readers that no matter how bad their circumstances, with faith and courage you can survive and win through against all odds in the end.